Conference Theme

1. Protection of Patients’ Rights - Challenges and Responsibilities of the State and Civil Society

  • The legal and ethical limits of scientific developments and progress in medicine.
  • Technological developments and patient data protection. The right to privacy versus public interest.
  • The role of Civil Society in raising awareness and disseminating information to promote patient rights.
  • Fostering more effective resolutions for disputes between patients and healthcare institutions.
     Contemporary issues pertaining to healthcare service provider liability.

2. Transformations in Healthcare Systems as an Inevitable Process in Achieving Excellence

  • International organisations and new initiatives to adjust national healthcare systems in the face of global challenges. The role of healthcare policies in fighting the global challenges – pandemic, climate crisis.
  • Fostering sustainability in healthcare systems.
  • Redesigning the legal frameworks of national healthcare systems following the latest
     achievements of biomedical science and fighting social and economic inequalities.

3. New Challenges for International Cooperation in the Field of Legal Medicine (Forensic Medicine)

  • International cooperation in mitigating natural and man-made disasters.
  • New challenges for legal medicine in combating terrorism, organised crime, war crimes.
  • Technological and scientific research innovations in legal medicine